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Hong Kong forums. authentic wing chun. Aug 13, 2010, 226: PM. Hi all, we will be visiting Hong Kong and the hubby is very interested in Wing Chun. Does anybody know where we can go to get authentic wing chun items?
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A guide to Wing Chun in Hong Kong.
For the general tourist, or perhaps the partner or family of the Wing Chun student, Hong Kong offers a dazzling array of tourist attractions making it one of the places everyone should visit at some point in their life if possible.
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Wing Chun Hong Kong IWKA Accueil Facebook.
To Order The Six Core Elements the SLT and History of Wing Chun book go to 1700's' Wing Chun Seminar at the European IWKA HQ in Amster. Wing Chun Hong Kong IWKA a partagé la photo de Sifu Sergio.
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Practical Wing Chun International.
From 1988 to 1992, Sifu WAN served as a director on the board of the Ving TsunAthletic Association here in Hong Kong. In 1994 Master Wong Shun Leung gave Sifu Wan Kam Leung consent to use Practical Wing Chun as the nameplate of his Wing Chun Kung Fu.
International Wing Chun Organization.
Mindful Wing Chun.
We recommend it to everyone, as we know it can improve the quality of life in many ways. Mindful Wing Chun is wholeheartedly committed to spreading the genuine essence of Wing Chun, as passed down by Master Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong.
Wing Chun trip to Hong Kong Part 1 YouTube.
Wing Chun Documentary Duration: 532. moyinggerk 46092, views. Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun Hong Kong Journey 2016 Duration: 356. Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun 4251, views. Jean Claude Van Damme trained his daughter" and Son" in martial arts Duration: 237.

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